$4,450.00 including shipping and two extra blades

Supershear Inc. 800.999.8100


The hydraulic unit is mounted on a two-wheel cart with 10.5 inch polyurethane “no flat” tires. Like the other three Supershear models, this machine is shipped with 23 feet of braided hydraulic hose connected to the patented Supershear cutting head. A two-button switch handle, located below the head, controls the cutting motion and facilitates a one man operation.

About the 12 Volt

12 Volt Supershear

US: 800.999.8100

Outside US: 480.789.3893

The 12 Volt Supershear is a hydraulic catalytic converter cutter designed for ease of use and mobility. This shear is powered by a 12 volt deep cycle battery, the lightest of the three Supershears will cut approximately 100-150 cuts before a recharge and can be loaded and unloaded by a single person.

​This machine is ideal for the smaller recycling yard which processes 20-100 cars a week. 

" Don't buy a copycat, only buy the 
original Supershear ! "