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The Gas Supershear is a hydraulic catalytic converter cutter designed as a self-contained unit which requires neither a power source nor battery recharge. This shear is powered by a GX 270 Honda electric start gas engine which allows it to be taken anywhere in a recycle yard and allows catalytic converter removal where needed.  The GX 270 drives a 1.2 GPM pump to deliver 3500 psi pressure to the patented cutting head. 

$5,450.00 including shipping and two extra blades

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" Don't buy a copycat, only buy the 
original Supershear ! "

The pressure is regulated and controlled via a pressure relief valve and manifold system attached to the cart. Along with the Gas Supershear, we ship the battery for the electric start, which is recharged with the Honda magneto.

​The hydraulic unit is mounted on a two-wheel cart with 10.5 inch polyurethane “no flat” tires. Like the other three Supershear models, this machine is shipped with 23 feet of braided hydraulic hose connected to the patented Supershear cutting head. A two-button switch handle, located below the head, controls the cutting motion and facilitates a one man operation.

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